UNIVERSAL ON TRAIL is a non-competitive participation discipline that executes the same course as REVENTÓN TRAIL EL PASO SPRINT, and its objective is to make possible the participation and collaboration of people with some kind of physical , mental or sensorial disability that wish to take part in a mountain race with all the constraints of a sports event with these characteristics: fair play, personal growth, fellowship, environment respect, etc. For that, the participation regulations encompass both the athletes that fit into this description as well as support or guidance athletes accompanying them, which must comply with each and every section of the document.

UNIVERSAL ON TRAIL is organised by El Paso City Council in cooperation with different companies and institutions.

This is the fastest of Reventón El Paso disciplines. It shares part of the initial ascent to Bejenao with the Marathon , although it drops off just after 1,100 meters to take advantage of the approved PR LP 13.3 trail and connect with the vicinity of La Virgen del Pino Chapel in the area of Valencia. Later, it will return to the mentioned path and will take it in the opposite direction to return to the finish line.

With a distance of 17,600 meters and a cumulative elevation gain of 1,716 meters, the popular runners face the shortest but equally intense race.

Data sheet

Date: 6/4/2024
Start time: 16:00
Course Type: Round
Distance: 8 (Starter) / 17.5 (Sprint) km.
Elevation Gain (total): 1.716 m.
Accumulated Ascent: 858 m. D+
Accumulated Descent: 858 m. D-
Maximum Height: 1.100 m.
Minimum Height: 644 m.
Maximum Time to complete the race: 4 hours


There is not a limited number of available places for this discipline. When registering for UNIVERSAL ON TRAIL in the race’s official website, the proper section of the registration process shall be filled with the name of the competing team, as well as the names of each and every of its members.

The entry includes:

  • Participation in the race.
  • Liquid and solid refreshment during the race.
  • In-race medical care and rescue and distress unit.
  • Shower service at the end of the race.
  • Cloakroom service in the start/finish line for all disciplines.
  • Bib number and participation chip.
  • Accident and civil liability insurance.
  • Official T-shirt and other items that are part of the athlete’s bag.
  • Physiotherapy and recovery area in the finish line.
  • Finisher medal when arriving at the finish line.
  • End-of-the-race meal for the athlete and a plus one.
  • Access to the Finish festival with musical performances.
  • Entries can be registered online on the race’s official website.

The entry is personal and non-transferable and it means accepting the requirements established by the race’s organisers. Once the athlete and his/her team have been assigned a bib number, there won’t be changes of discipline or entry fee refund.




17,6 km
8,0 km


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